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I am sooooo SO excited to expand our accessory offerings at Murphy & Me and introduce these stunning handmade head wraps to our online store!

The best 'tie up and go' accessory - I wish I was wearing them years ago!

- they are handmade
- easy peasy self tie design (if I can tie them, you can)
- the range of fabrics used are top quality
- there is fabric covered elastic at the back that is soft and comfortable and keeps the top knot in place all day
- they are quite wide when untied to allow for different 'bow' looks
(I just cinch the fabric together)
- really beautiful block colours that are versatile and will compliment your wardrobe well
- they can easily be worn casually or dressed up #everydayessential
- a win win accessory - they look great on a good hair day and are the perfect solution to a bad hair day!

There are two styles being released in limited numbers: a gorgeously detailed 'broderie anglaise' fabric and an amazingly soft 'gauze' fabric.

The BRODERIE ANGLAISE fabric is beautifully detailed to resemble a kind of embroidered or lace look (see close up photo). The headwraps in this fabric are available in OFF WHITE (the more brown tone headwrap that I am wearing) or PURE WHITE.

The GAUZE fabric is so amazingly soft and has a gorgeous texture, much like baby swaddle fabric. The earthy colours (mustard, lilac and sage/teal) are also amazing and suit all hair colours!

They are so seriously easy to tie up and honestly they look amazing when they aren't 'perfect', if you know what I mean?!
You can really tie them any way you choose. The fabric is quite wide when untied and this is to allow for different 'bow' styles. I simply cinch the fabric together and pull it the length of the fabric (so it loosely folds or gathers to make the band thinner). I then put the elastic at the back of my head and bring the bands around so they meet at the top. I tie the fabric in a knot and then knot it again (you could totally get away with just one knot too). I then manipulate the bow until I am happy and I am good to go! So easy!

Please note the length of the headwrap when UNTIED is 95cm but as you can see they are not too big on the head at all when tied.

This release is super limited with only a couple of headwraps available in each colour, due to availability of fabric. I hope you love them as much as I do!