Half Moon Brass & Clay Studs

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Gorgeous shape - stunning colour and mix of organic clay and metal materials, these half moon statement studs are definitely a new favourite of mine!

Another gorgeous collaboration between Flora and Grain and Murphy and Me! These studs are seriously beautiful, organic and unique.

The clay tops (measuring approximately 19mm) have been hand moulded and the glazes are also handmade. Half moon brass + clay studs are available in a shiny white or deep blue glaze and a matte green glaze.

Measures approximately 2.5cm from top to bottom and 3cm at the widest point.

Caring for your dangles: These components used to create these earrings are delicate and require some special care. Please store them safely and avoid harsh materials rubbing up against them.

Handmade with love by Megan and Jewels, we hope you love them too

All Murphy & Me items are handmade so there may be some slight imperfections such as earring pair patterns not being 100% identical.